Hungry like the wolf…

And now I bring you two videos on DIY screen-printing from some of my favorite people at Etsy: Bre Pettis and Matt Stinchcomb (aka Stinchcomb Matthews).

In the first video, Bre and Matt show you how it’s done with a four palette press, what most pros use when they screen-print shirts or posters by hand.

Bre adds a little extra panache by adding glowing LEDs and a growling loop to his wolf print.

I shot this second video with Matt and Peter Corrie for Etsy, explaining how to make your own silk-screen using a little mesh, your shower and the sun (which, uh… happens to rotate around the earth in this video).

Maaaaaaybe a little complicated for some of the first-timers out there, but not to worry. Here are some other resources to get you started:

Comic artist Dan Zettwoch shows you the details in this great screen-making tutorial:

Instructables shows you how to do it the cheap and dirty way:,-Dirty,-and-At-Home/

Threadbanger show you how to make a simple screen using an embroidery hoop:

If you know of other helpful resources, leave ’em in the comments!


~ by saguirl on February 4, 2008.

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