What’s All The Screening About?

My name is Shannon.  I am a screen-printer located in Brooklyn.  Though an amateur at mixing paint with words, I’m giving this blog a shot so I can educate myself and others on all things print-worthy.  I don’t screen emails, phone calls or musical requests… just shirts and paper.

My curiosity and passion for screen-printing owes a great debt to my Dad (for teaching me how to burn screens and print in our basement when I was 10), Matt Stinchcomb (for giving me invaluable tips and trusting me with Etsy’s press) and my late Grandfather Bill Ransom (for believing in me and singing “You Did It Your Way” whenever I walked into the room.)

Without these three guys I would probably still be staring slack-jawed at another boring screen-printing manual.  Thanks!


2 Responses to “What’s All The Screening About?”

  1. You screen, I screen, we all screen for ice screened.

  2. Hey! like your blog.
    Check out my link here – http://www.tfortevisual.com

    Keep me in the loop!

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