Hungry like the wolf…

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And now I bring you two videos on DIY screen-printing from some of my favorite people at Etsy: Bre Pettis and Matt Stinchcomb (aka Stinchcomb Matthews).

In the first video, Bre and Matt show you how it’s done with a four palette press, what most pros use when they screen-print shirts or posters by hand.

Bre adds a little extra panache by adding glowing LEDs and a growling loop to his wolf print.

I shot this second video with Matt and Peter Corrie for Etsy, explaining how to make your own silk-screen using a little mesh, your shower and the sun (which, uh… happens to rotate around the earth in this video).

Maaaaaaybe a little complicated for some of the first-timers out there, but not to worry. Here are some other resources to get you started:

Comic artist Dan Zettwoch shows you the details in this great screen-making tutorial:

Instructables shows you how to do it the cheap and dirty way:,-Dirty,-and-At-Home/

Threadbanger show you how to make a simple screen using an embroidery hoop:

If you know of other helpful resources, leave ’em in the comments!


Demon Pick #2

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Could this be the lost poster to The Darjeeling Limited?

Gotan ixnay

No! It belongs only to Seripop, a Montreal-based duo (Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau) who make psychedelic prints, record covers, books and illustrations. I’m giving these doggies a shout out because 1) they screen-print their tushies off making excellent art…. and 2) they’re craaaaaaazy! Check out their blog: artofseripop for info on the tricks these two are up to and this article by Crown Dozen on their illustrious career so far. They will be curating an art show along with Reuben Kincaid & Lumpen in Chicago called Radar Eyes: The Altered States of Printing on March 7th in Chicago at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

The Hand That Feeds You…

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The Arm Letterpress in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is hosting “American Handscape” until Febuary 6th. The show will feature screen-printed posters and art prints by Kathleen Judge and Gina Kelly. Past works by these Chicago-based artists have included posters for bands and performers such as Neko Case, Andrew Bird, Sebadoh, the American Music Club.

Arm Show

As the Arm writes: “Judge and Kelly explore the design of landscape through various hand-process techniques. Images of tweaked urban-scapes, industrial decay, imaginary evolution of cities and forest animals accompany the viewer on a charged tour through interpretations of the American landscape.”

The work will be on display at The Arm Letterpress from January 19th through February 6, 2008.

Gallery hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from Noon to 6PM.

The Sweet Life

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Sweet Logo

Rouse yourself from hibernation screen-lovers, and head on over to “Sweet: The Graphic Beauty of the Contemporary Rock Poster” at the University of Maryland. From February 6th through March 29th, work from 29 seminal rock poster artists will be on display at this show which aims to analyze and adore this raucous art form. (Strawberry Luna, our 1st Demon Pick, will also be featured!)

You can meet some of the artists and purchase select prints at the Sweet Booth on opening day (Feb. 6th, 11am to 7:30pm). And for those of you who still can’t get enough of the expanding rock poster universe, a lecture titled, “The Art of the Contemporary Rock Poster” will be given by John Foster, Participating Artist and Vice President of Fuszion Collaborative.

U. of Maryland? You just made my taste buds hurt.

Demon Pick #1

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  • Time spent eating, sleeping, working for the man: 62%
  • Time spent on internet, ogling prints on 1000%

If you haven’t checked out, drop whatever you’re doing and go there immediately. This website has the widest array of screened posters and designers on the internet, along with forums and chats for questions, and a classified section for printers.

Strawberryluna’s Detroit Cobras

The last time I saw the Detroit Cobras, several handstands by Rachel Nagy, the lead singer, were successfully attempted. I love the bold, graphic design of Strawberry Luna’s print. Makes ya wanna shake it!

Check out more of this printer’s work at: This is a 3-color, all hand-screenprinted poster with two metallic inks: metallic black, metallic hot pink and violet inks. I said “Gadaaaaamn!”

Born of the blogosphere…

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Sammy, your friendly screening demon

… comes Screening Demons! Personally, I’ve been plagued with a screening demon for most of my life. I don’t know about you, but it has caused me much joy… and much pain.

I first felt it’s presence when I started silk-screening in my basement as a kid. I screened shirts by the dozen and sold them to my local restaurant and school. After college (a drinking spree that ended in Australia) and some traveling (a drinking spree that ended in Barcelona), I caught the bug again and started making shirts for myself and my friends for kicks. Then it was a local band’s poster, then another poster, then an order of t-shirts, then a business…

I love screen-printing but, like the magic water, it’s an evil mistress. After spending many a long night sweating over the press to yield yet another screwed-up shirt, I decided to get educated. I thought you might want to come along for the ride, so get ready for screen-printing tips, interviews, updates on festivals and markets, and whatever else looks interesting out there. Let’s get these Screening Demons out!